Press Plus 1 (TV Series)

Press +1 Canadian Film Review is a multi-platform show that will be a combination of interviews, on set visits, segments on the local Canadian film industry, news and all your up to date information on Canadian films coming to a theatre near you.

The Canadian Film Review will be Executive Produced and Hosted by Press+1 Publisher, and Canadian Film advocate, Kindah Mardam Bey, and will be co-hosted by Producer, and Publisher of Criticize This! Brian McKechnie. This is an exciting opportunity for Canadian Films to finally be at the forefront of conversations, creating an emphasis on our strong film industry and what great Canadian features we have in our own backyard. Now is our time to get excited about Canadian Films. Hey Canada! What was the last great Canadian Film you saw?

Airing Tuesdays at 7:30 EST on Rogers Channel 10.

Music Composed and Produced by Shaun Chasin

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